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March 11, 2006

Research Psychologists

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Research psychologists study how humans think, learn, remember, and respond to their environment. They are most often found working for universities, government offices, and private corporations. Whatever the setting, research psychologists conduct experiments, surveys, and market research to discover why people react the way they do. In any university setting, there are psychologists who have […]


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While your BS in psychology might help you figure out why your roommate is moody, it won’t get you far professionally. Psychologists and counselors must have graduate degrees, complete supervised internships, and pass state certification exams before becoming eligible for professional licensing. Although requirements to practice vary by state, in all states you’ll need a […]

Psychology and Counseling, Career Overview

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When they hear the word “psychologist,” many people think immediately of some stereotypical version of a psychotherapist. He meets his patients in a nice office complete with a comfy leather sofa, wearing a well-worn tweed jacket and maybe even fiddling with an unlit pipe while asking them to describe their dreams from the previous night, […]

February 5, 2006

Improving Employment Interviews

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For over 50 years, psychologists criticized employment interviews on the grounds that they were subjective, subject to bias, and most important, poor predictors of future job performance. Hundreds of studies of the employment interview had led most industrial psychologists to conclude that they were nearly worthless and that interviews often did more harm than good. […]

Case Manager

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Applicants must have a Bachelor’s Degree, preferably in social work. However, extremely talented individuals from various backgrounds are open to apply if you can demonstrate that you have what it takes. Serious applicants only. Do not apply if you think this work is easy and pays big dollars. Be ready to take on a mission […]

Delaware Autism Program

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School Psychologist opening at the Delaware Autism Program. We are a statewide public school program servicing students with autism, ages 2 – 21. Requirements: · Eligibility for DE certification in school psychology · Experience with autism, developmental disabilities, or applied behavior analysis preferred Responsibilities: · Participate in development of educational plans to help students acquire […]

School Psychologist

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Putnam County, Florida has a position available January 2, 2006. We are located 30 miles west of St Augustine, 30 miles east of Gainesville and 90 miles north of Orlando. Our position is 263 days with 12 days of vacation, 12 days of sick leave and a full range of benefits. This is an especially […]

School Psychologist Position

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The Muscogee County School District, Columbus, Georgia, due to department growth, is seeking several new school psychologists for the 2006-2007 school year. Applicants must possess a minimum of an Ed.S. or equivalent degree in school psychology, with the NCSP preferable. The positions will entail comprehensive psychological services to three(3) schools and duties include strong pre-referral […]

School Psychology

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Dynamic and talented school psychologist wanted for a unique 1 school model of service delivery in beautiful Colorado Springs, CO. School Psychologists in Fountain-Fort Carson School District provide comprehensive school psych services including assistance with the RTI implementation and direct services to students. More…


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This online guide describes 15 helping professions both within and outside psychology. For each of the helping professions, information is provided on typical job duties, job outlook, potential earnings, required professional degrees, finding graduate programs, and graduate entrance requirements, and sources of additional information. More…

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