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February 2, 2006

Marital Satisfaction : Recent Research

Marital satisfaction is sought, or expected, by most married individuals. Unfortunately, the U.S. Bureau of Census in 1992 reported that 52% of marriages end in divorce (Fowers, Montel, and Olson p. 103). This fact, along with other stimulants, has caused researchers to investigate the influences on marital satisfaction. Many predictors of stability and satisfaction in marriage do, in fact, exist. Among the various possibilities explored by researchers, conclusive studies have been done on the influences of past and present satisfaction with one’s spouse’s personality and living conditions, the effect of autonomy and relatedness on marriage, the Empty Nest Syndrome, as well as types of premarital relations and their effect on marital satisfaction.


October 18, 2005

What is better(less worse) for you, smoke or drink?

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Participate in our forum poll: What is better(less worse) for you, smoke or drink?
There you can select among four options: smoking, drinking, both are good, both are bad.

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