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October 23, 2005

Psychology Dictionary

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Psybox is a group of professional academics and teachers whose aim is to provide you with the material that you need to help you pass your exams. Psybox presently concentrates upon Psychology A-Level and University courses, but we have more subjects in the pipeline – including A-Level and Higher Biology and History.

Our materials are all based upon a successful learning template which we have developed through our experience in schools, and in Higher and Further Education. Each Psybox course contains tutorials and lecture-notes on key topics as well as a range of interactive elements especially designed to help you learn.

August 22, 2005

Website of the month:

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Website of the month:

….Hello, my name is Mark Allan Sircus and I am a world psychologist, a doctor of oriental medicine, and the director of the International Medical Veritas Association IMVA. There you can find much information about mercury in medicine and dentistry as well as the huge environmental problem that that is building up like an invisible cloud of radiation. There also you can sign up for the Medical News Commentaries that I publish every week.

This World Psychology site is one of three sites that display my work though this one is the largest and represents my writings up to the spring of 2003. In conjunction with the IMVA I have opened the International Detoxification and Chelation Clinic (IDCC) and there we specialize in the detoxification and chelation of chemical poisons from the body in children and adults with safe naturopathic methods.

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