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March 11, 2006

Counseling Psychotherapy and Support in Tokyo and Japan

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Created to provide all people living in the Tokyo community, throughout Japan and around the world with free information on qualified counseling psychotherapy in Tokyo and Japan, mental health resources in Tokyo and Japan, online self-help and social support groups, telephone help line and other useful web sites. Also providing a forum to express feelings about life in Tokyo and Japan and find support, plus bookstore links to counseling, psychology, Tokyo and Japan books and other resources in English and Japanese.


What is Clinical Psychology?

Clinical psychology is the application of psychological theory and research to the alleviation of human problems in living. At one time, the term “mental illness” was used to describe the types of problems of interest to clinical psychologists, but this term no longer describes accurately the broad range of topics with which contemporary clinical psychologists are concerned. Today, clinical psychologists are interested not only in traditional “mental” or psychological problems such as schizophrenia and severe depression but also in more common but important problems in living such as fears, shyness, sexual problems, marital problems, and physical health and illness.

The broad array of topics studied by clinical psychologists makes it difficult to give a concise definition of the field, and considerable overlap can be seen between clinical psychology and other psychology specialties (e.g. learning, developmental, psychopathology, physiological). This overlap, however, is due largely to the fact that clinical psychology is the application of knowledge acquired from research by psychologists in many other specialties.


Private Practice Database

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Welcome to CAPS’ Private Practice Database. Please use this resource to search for private mental health care providers in the communities surrounding Penn State campuses.


University of Otago

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I am proud to introduce you to the University of Otago. As New Zealand’s first university, founded in 1869, Otago has earned an international reputation for the quality of its research and teaching.

In 2006 Otago will have over 20,000 students enrolled and has a presence in each of the four main cities of New Zealand – Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin.

The academic and administrative centre of the University continues to be located in Dunedin, where the majority of students live and work.

The Christchurch and Wellington Schools of Medicine & Health Sciences are both key elements of the University of Otago’s Health Sciences activities, providing clinical teaching for undergraduate medical students as well as conducting thriving research and postgraduate teaching programmes.



In language your students will understand and enjoy reading, Timothy Trull’s CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGY offers a concrete and well-rounded introduction to clinical psychology. A highly respected clinician and researcher, Dr. Trull examines the rigorous research training that clinicians receive, along with the empirically supported assessment methods and interventions that clinical psychologists must understand to be successful in the field. This new edition of Trull’s best-selling text covers cutting-edge trends, and offers enhanced coverage of culture, gender and diversity, and contemporary issues of health care. Written to inspire students thinking of pursuing careers in the field of clinical psychology, this text is a complete introduction.


February 5, 2006

School Psychologist Position

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The Muscogee County School District, Columbus, Georgia, due to department growth, is seeking several new school psychologists for the 2006-2007 school year. Applicants must possess a minimum of an Ed.S. or equivalent degree in school psychology, with the NCSP preferable. The positions will entail comprehensive psychological services to three(3) schools and duties include strong pre-referral and consultative skills, willingness to problem-solve and intervene on school-related challenges, parent conferencing, crisis intervention and routine assessment functions. Salary range is currently $ 49,850-80,263 for a 210 day contract.



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This online guide describes 15 helping professions both within and outside psychology. For each of the helping professions, information is provided on typical job duties, job outlook, potential earnings, required professional degrees, finding graduate programs, and graduate entrance requirements, and sources of additional information.


Accredited Doctoral Programs in Professional Psychology

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(PUBLIC NOTICE: The following notice is provided as a public service by the APA Office of Program Consultation and Accreditation consistent with a web listing protocol recommended by the Association of Specialized and Professional Accreditors (ASPA).

This section of the APA Office of Program Consultation and Accreditation website contains the only official web list of professional psychology programs accredited by the APA Committee on Accreditation. However, it is for informational purposes only and should not be used for official credential review. The Office of Program Consultation and Accreditation is not responsible for the accuracy of any accredited status representations on any other website.

For an official hardcopy list of accredited programs, please contact the Office of Program Consultation and Accreditation at 202-336-5979 or email apaaccred .


December 28, 2005

Clinical Psychology Degree Programs!

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Want to earn your degree in clinical psychology? Browse our featured clinical psychology schools, read detailed fact sheets about their programs, then request information directly from the schools that interest you.


Thinking about psychology career??

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Psychology School Search helps you quickly find the right psychology schools for you. Read school profiles and connect directly with schools for more information.

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