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March 11, 2006

Psychology and Counseling, Career Overview

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When they hear the word “psychologist,” many people think immediately of some stereotypical version of a psychotherapist. He meets his patients in a nice office complete with a comfy leather sofa, wearing a well-worn tweed jacket and maybe even fiddling with an unlit pipe while asking them to describe their dreams from the previous night, then asking them about those dreams, “How did they make you feel?”

The only problem with that vision is that there are way too many different kinds of psychologists for any broadly applied stereotype describing them to be valid. While all therapists have among their goals helping their patients cope with the stresses of life and eliminate destructive thought patterns and behaviors, therapists use any of a wide range of types of therapy to try to achieve that goal. You can choose from Jungian analysis, Adlerian psychotherapy, existential psychotherapy, transactional analysis, family therapy, feminist therapy, gestalt therapy, and many other schools of therapy. And therapy can take place in a tremendous variety of settings, from hospitals to schools to professional sports teams’ locker rooms.


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