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February 5, 2006

Improving Employment Interviews

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For over 50 years, psychologists criticized employment interviews on the grounds that they were subjective, subject to bias, and most important, poor predictors of future job performance. Hundreds of studies of the employment interview had led most industrial psychologists to conclude that they were nearly worthless and that interviews often did more harm than good. In the 1980′s, psychologists Gary Latham, PhD, Lise Saari, PhD, Elliot Pursell, PhD, and Michael Campion, PhD, suggested that interviews could be improved by providing structure, specifically by focusing the employment interview on questions that highlighted the interviewee’s ability to make good judgments in a variety of situations. Industrial psychologist Tom Janz, PhD, suggested another strategy for structuring employment interviews, by focusing on descriptions of past behavior rather than responses to hypothetical future situations.


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