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September 5, 2005

Men have higher IQ than women: study:

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London: Men’s IQ is on average five points higher than women’s, according to a new study conducted at Manchester University in Britain.

The study that is likely to stir a hornet’s nest is to be published in November by the British Journal of Psychology.

The British Psychological Society, which publishes the journal, would not release details, but study leader Paul Irwing, a senior lecturer at the university, told the Times Higher Educational Supplement he had found evidence to back up his conclusion.

Irwing did his work in cooperation with Richard Lynn, emeritus professor of Psychology at the University of Ulster, who has previously published controversial work on the theme.

“My politics are rather different from Richard’s and from my point of view, I would prefer it if we were wrong,” Irwing said.

But he added he felt compelled to place “scientific truth” above personal political conflicts, and potentially even his academic reputation.

The paper, to be published Nov 4, is certain to re-ignite controversy in academic circles.

In the past, Lynn has said that men have higher IQ than women, whites higher than blacks and Eastern Asians higher than Europeans.

Extrapolated across the population, the results indicated that there are three men for every woman with an IQ above 130, and 5.5 men for every woman with an IQ above 145.

“These different proportions of men and women with high IQ scores are clearly worth speaking of and may go some way to explaining the greater numbers of men achieving distinctions of various kinds for which a high IQ is required, such as chess grandmasters, Fields medallists for mathematics, Nobel prize winners and the like,” Irwing said.

The study offers some consolation to women: it says they tend to work harder.

Women with the same IQ as men achieve more “possibly because they are more conscientious and better adapted to sustained periods of hard work,” it says.

In 1999, Lynn concluded that men on average had an IQ three to four points higher than women.

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